Sunday, March 18, 2007

The First Person

One week ago my life was
As I expected it should be.
Today, theres just nothing
Absolutely nothing
One could do to shock me.

My very last post,
Did not refer to "we",
Only "I".
Did I somehow see this coming?
And if so, why?

Everything you
Have read here-
Strike that-
Much of what
I have thought and said here

For the past 9 months
Has been a tragic lie
I just did not know it
A week ago.
Today the falsehoods die.

I cannot go into details
And it would do no good
To do so.
If you hadn't heard already,
It's just that I've been
Lied to.

And now,
For better or for worse,
There's no longer any "we".
Just lil' ol

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sayonara, Edge of the Universe

Goodbye, sunset on the water. I will give up palm trees that bend in tailored rows towards the sea. The proximity of waves and seagulls. The sand between my toes in a moment's notice. A 20 minute commute to work. My bathtub. The neighbor who my cats adore. I will give them all up gladly for a small patch of land to set a hammock on, a front porch, a room for music, and the rest of the city surrounding me with art, color, noise, and Life. And most importantly, nearby loved ones. I am creeping slowly towards the center of things. I hope for the strength to embrace every fucking bit of it. Bring it.