Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Things I have seen - 3.5 months in pictures

Let's start with Halloween.

Sam dressed up like the Purple Pieman to my Strawberry Shortcake, though he didn't know who the hell that was, having grown up in London and all. Girls were trying to smell his hat all night. My hat smelled like strawberries.

The next day, he and Aaron made beer.

I love that about them.

Beautiful Adriana made me a giant Turkey.

And David and Shawn made me laugh all night despite the coma from the giant Turkey.

Miss Mary showed me the joys of the Barcade.

I went to Jenny's X-mas party in the Burque.

Atticus is her dainty little doggy, who slept between us.

I'm not sure how. I reunited with my old kitty friend, Olivia Newton John.

Still the funniest cat of all time.

The party was a real humdinger. Some pics are too racy for bloggin.'

Derwin was in rare form that night.

And I got to see Toastie!

Damn, that guy is tall.

Sam and I saw family for the holidays. This is my nephew, his wife and their son:

And this is their daughter:

Sam and his nephew, Isaac:

Isaac was smashing chips.

We got our whole fam damilies together in Tucson. Here's my mom and sis:

After all of that, I needed a drink. Thank goodness for Tammara coming to town...

Davriana and Rothko cured my hangover.

We got a new toy and took it to the Editor in Santa Barbara.

Lookie at her little gatos!

In San Francisco, Cat indocrinated me in the school of dim summin' it:

And I reunited with Seana after 6 long years.

Yeah. That's all I'm sayin.

I got to spend time in the park with these beautiful ladies:

All because of my wonderful hosts, Gabe and Mariah.

Are they not sublime?

We found a new house to share with Maaron.

We move in a week and a half. Yikes. Why am I not packing?

We said goodbye to Gleno in the longest train of bikes I have ever seen.

And the shadows stretched quietly to the lake that day.

I came home to a cat ready to party.

Wonderful friends and karaoke madness:

A black and white birthday party to end all black and white birthday parties.

And yesterday was a relaxing day at the beach with my Jen.

Next time I promise to show pictures more frequently.
But tomorrow, I must pack.
So much has happened.
I am tired, but content.


Anonymous Mary said...

Oh Yeah....what a couple of months! So glad to have been a part of it.

11:34 AM  
Blogger adriana said...

Your mom looks rad in that ensemble. Also, it Sam and his nephew are like clones of each other. Really cute.
Happy birthday, my buddy.

5:43 PM  
Blogger tifanie said...

You girls are such hugely important forces in my world. I love you both! And yes, Miss A- my mom is looking alot better these days and Mr. Sam and Isaac are eerily alike. That kid is going to be trouble someday...

7:17 PM  

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