Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ease My Teabags...

Most of you who ever read this blog already know what that means, and the few of you who don't will find out soon enough. It's kind of hard to talk about these past 5 days, hard to know where to begin. My life is forever changed, I know that much. Albuquerque is a truly amazing place, full of tragedy and triumph, and this weekend was no exception.

The Loose Women show was better than I could have ever thought. There were pieces that were absolutely bring the house down funny, and pieces that made me sob. The audience was full of most of my best friends and family members in the universe, who converged upon the town, resulting in one hell of an emotionally overwhelming experience. I love each and every one of you and cannot believe we finally all got together and got to spend so much precious time discussing love, life, art and tea bags. My goodness.

Open Channels. Every single one of us were just drinking in the circle of incredible faces, some of which we had not seen for 5 years. If I could have whisked us all away to an island, I would have. There would be a few more of you out there to grab, of course, but it was a Cavalcade of Enchantment the likes of which the world may never know again. Except that we decided to all get together once a year and do a show. Unbelievably, we pulled the location from a hat, and it looks like next year we are going to The City of Light. How appropriate and frightening and inspiring and gigantic.

Other things that happened: My Sam met my brother and it was a lovely thing to witness. My dad's car was vandalized outside the show. There were mishaps and tragedies and collisions on multiple levels. The sunsets were breathtaking. There was a 5 minute hailstorm when I arrived. I saw people I did not expect to see in the Ghetto Smiths, which always happens. I ate lots of green chile. The show got a pretty horrible review, which is unfortunate because the ladies all worked so hard and I truly believe the show was quite game, and has much promise. Hopefully the cast will not let the opinion of one man stand in the way of thier good time- which was the whole point of the show to begin with. I met a glass blower and his jeweler wife in Madrid, who showed us such hospitality we stayed all day, playing with their impossibly cute dogs. And I met an amazing 63 year old lady on the plane today and we talked non-stop all the way to LA and are determined to visit each other as soon as possible.

Other things happened, surely, and it all just So Much I can't decipher it all. I will show photographic evidence soon- after a long, much needed nap. Viva la Teabags!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Please interpret

I dreamt I had grown a garden of lillies in a vast mysterious swamp which was my backyard. In my garden was a racoon, who came to me when I called and promtly turned into a feral human boy, who was hungry for cheese. So I fed him from my refrigerator, in which I was also storing the severed head of a recently departed neighbor, as a favor, who I had never met but was adored by all. The racoon boy also mourned this neigbor, and sang for her plaintively while eating small containers of brie and havarti, wrappings and all. Oh, and I was wearing denim overalls without a shirt the whole time.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sam found me the data cable...

Click on any for larger views.

This is Sheila:

Who is beautiful and thriving in the SF theatre scene.

Lovely Leeann:

Who is kicking ass with her new jewelry line.

Gabe's first act at Amoebapalooza:

He sang in Japanese, and also "MacArthur Park", one of the strangest songs of all times. He kicked ass.

Then he seemed to form a cult:

I really dug this strange thing and wanted to join whatever religion they were creating up there- strange sounds, indeed.

Gabe in his Melvins tribute band, looking absorbed:

Stevil and Josh rocking out- sorry about the plant:

These guys induced much whiplash.

Mona and Mariah, looking cuteiful as always:

Sheila and I and Tammara,

Who would be mad if I put in the great one I have of her with her panties showing.

And the Amazing Lisa, who forgave me the next morning for being a bit hung over:

She is doing beautifully in SF, which warms the cockles of my heart.

And that's the cream of the crop.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"San Francisco- you got my wallet but I got your gun...

Back in Chicago- that was the last time we had any fun- are you still alive?"

Sorry- Bobby Conn moment.

So, I had one of the best weekends of my lifetime just now. I'd hook you up with some pictures, but I seem to have dislocated my data cable thingie. Soon, I promise. Well, in 3 weeks or so when my husband comes home and shows me where it lives.

Anyway- I did not know just how much I missed SF until I was being shuttled into the city. The cool air was welcome although I was foolishly ill prepared. Somehow I though the heat wave would continue, but it was not to be. It forced me into wearing my single pair of jeans for three days straight, by the end of which they were marinated blissfully in whiskey, smoke, and mole sauce. But I was able to buy a nice 40's coat exactly 1 block away from Gabe's house immediately upon arrival. Just one of the lovely things about that city- whatever you need is very close at hand, if not in hand already.

Gabe is a great host. He and Mariah ensured that I was perfectly inebriated at all times, and fed me the best Indian food ever, where I also got to see Sheila and Joe and then Sheila suggested a great place for drinks downtown where we collided with a few other friends. Lots o' kismet, always in that place.

The next day was about as cool as it can get- I was able to conversate and celebrate with three of my lady touchstones: Sheila, Leeann, and Tammara. It was healing and illuminating and just pure joy all day long. And the night! My goodness. Amoebapalooza was better than ever, with Gabe performing in 3 different acts, each incredible and incredibly different. I got to see a lot more kind folks I have not seen in nigh on 18 months or so, and a good time was had by all.

Sunday I spent the morning with my other SF starchild, Lisa, and it was more positivity-yes. Afternoon with my hosts and lots of crazy videos, including some of Gabe's recent brilliant collage work, and all topped off with tamales.

And then it was time to go. I was decidedly unhappy to return to my empty apartment in sunny Santa Monica. I'm not saying it's not great here- it's got its own charms, and the pull of the warm sand, etc., etc. And it's a vast improvement on Santa Barbara. And I'm not saying I neccessarily want to live in San Fran again. It's just that it's a seductively charming town, full of memories, and peace, and easy people, and it lightened my heart tremendously.