Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Crossing Over- Way Over

Yesterday my co-worker Lola got a call from a radio staion saying she won 2 tix to see John Edward- that guy from TV who talks to dead people. Knowing how much I like to talk to dead people, she kindly invited me to the Avalon. She is a medium, so she was very down to see how this guy works, too. It was a benefit for some Alzheimer's thing, I forget what it was called, and Leeza Gibbons was the host, and some terrible band played the most cliche ridden songs I have ever heard. But then, the main event.

I have to say, I have watched the show more than a few times in the past and have always been fascinated with the level of detail this guy gets into, but the tiny skeptic that lives inside me sometimes thinks the show must be heavily edited, showing only the times he actually makes a connection. I mean, there has to be times where he is just totally wrong, yes?


There are no times when the man is wrong, the man is right. Always. He might be talking to the wrong person at first, but then the person behind them will say something like; "Um, when you were just talking about the guy with the J name, like John or James, who was in the Army or the Navy, well, my dad's name was John James and he was in the Amy and the Navy simultaneously. Could that be him?" Yes, it could be and it is.

The guy is 100% legitimate, and people were bawling their eyes out last night at the obscure ass details he was accessing for them. It was one of the most powerful couple of hours I have ever had. I was wondering if some of my loved ones would appear there, but after hearing the type of people who came forward, I can see whay they didn't. I don't have anyone who is gone who needs to tell me they forgive me, or that the key to their safe deposit box is taped under the sock drawer or that they are sorry for beating me as a child.

All my spirits were undoubtedly there last night, as they are here right now, and they know that we can find each other anytime we like.

If you ever get a chance to check this man out, I couldn't recommend it more. He sees through the veil, which is a rare and precious gift. And to really, irrefutably recieve the knowledge that these souls are residing with us, side by side, albeit on a different frequency, is an extremely heady and inspiring experience.


Blogger adriana said...

WOW, really??? I mean, really???!?!?!? I've been so drawn to that dude and so skeptical, too. I wish I could see that in person, that's pretty amazing.

Danielle currently works for James Van Praagh and she says he's on the level, too. But I want to ask her more about it.

And GUITAR!!!!!!!!!! I must show David. He is amazing at naming guitars. But you must follow your heart. Congratulations!

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Tasha said...

I read it when I miss you.

2:01 PM  

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