Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well, its the Verbal Herman Munster

The Word Enhancer
I'm Sick of Phony Mobsters
Controllin' the Dance Floor-

Do you know what I'm talkin' about? Tonight was J5 MC- Jurassic 5, at The House of Blues. Hail Eris! Sam took me to my favoritest rap act, and even if we were practically the oldest folks out there, at least we were there. Does anyone have an opinion as to why this band, and any other slightly political/progressive rap acts have a predominately white audience?

Anyway- it has been an extended weekend of high entertainment. Besides the inimitable J5, we participated in some alternately bad (me) and good (Sam) karaoke stylings for Mary's Birthday last night somewhere in or near Korea Town. The night before we went to the Comedy Store and saw 57 comics in a row. OK, so it was morelike 11 ish. They would not stop trying to make jokes about how hot it was. It's not all that hot- it's just global warming. Get used to it. But the joke of the night was as follows:

"I've been in LA a long time. And I can tell you something: people here are a combination of two things- inflated ego and low self esteem. The motto? "I may not be much, but I'm all I ever think about." So true.

And before that, mid-week, we saw a show costumed by a dear friend (Mary) and directed by an old-school compadre (Joe) that was, well- the costumes and direction were stellar.

What is next in this whirlwind of fun? Well, my poor hubs is off to the former Soviet Union for 3 weeks, and I am going to SF to see my friend Gabe perform not once, not twice, but thrice, in Amoebapalooza, and to catch up with the girly girls I have not seen since December 2004. Wait, is that right? I guess so. Must have San Francisco Treats.

After that will be hi-jinks in Albuquerque, London, and Munich. Yes, we are doing theatre. Yes, we are seeing theatre. And, oh yes, we are wearing a Dirndl and drinking beer. Lots of beer.

Viva La Fiesta!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jenny Jen Jen

I got to hang out with Jen- my wonderful ladyfriend! In my own town! And on the sand and in the ocean and shoppety shopping and drinking mass quantities and getting sunburns and watching fireworks and sitting at a swanky hotel pool with cool Miss Mary and listening to boardwalk prophets and eating sushi and doing tequila shots in a gay bar with midgets. And the Editor and Max came, too. And and and and. And.

And now I am sad because they all went home and my husband has to stay in Moscow for 5 more days and I just wish we could all be in one place at the same time. But that will happen in August for a few days, which makes me super excited, too. I am happily nostalgic for things that have been, and some that have not yet been.

Oh, and the Sarah Silverman movie- "Jesus is Magic". See it. Be it. She is my new hero, for sure...

I hope everyone had a sparkletastic fourth and then some.