Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Sam took me to the La Brea tarpits the weekend before last and it was such a cool time. Not at all how I had imagined, though. The city is all around it, and it is not a steamy jungle full of lush plants and exotic sounds like I'd always imagined. There are chain link fences around the pits, which is a good idea, I suppose, but I still wanted to see for myself what would happen if I stuck a foot in there. Someone had recently thrown a tennis shoe into one of the tarpits. Ah well, someone will dig it out eventually. Another layer of history.

We saw employees behind the glassed-in workstations picking through grains of sand with metal toothpicks, finding tiny shells, bone slivers, and other minute eye-ruining things. And awesomely bad movies about the rich men who donated the pits and the museum, and cartoon re-enactments of sabertooth cats attacking giant ground sloths- so cool. We geeked out over the place. Sam used to get to play there alot as a little kid. Lucky, I tell ya.

We got to talking about what future Earth inhabitants might think when they come upon the pits and see the stange museums around them. I wonder if they'll think that we had built an elaborate altar to the Tar Pit Gods and had a strange fascination with reassembling bones. And then maybe they will reassemble our bones. Hmm.

And, we saw two kick ass movies: The Libertine, with Johnny Depp. Best performance ever, if you ask me. See it- it's shamefully randy and mianthropic at the same time. And for those of you who are particularly twisted, go go go see the Borat movie as soon as it comes out. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius, and this is the funniest movie I have seen since- well, ever. We got to go to a screening, so alot of what we saw may only be in the uncut version someday, but it should still be absurdly amusing.

My husband is in Moscow this week and will hopefully take some cool pictures of Red Square for me. He just missed Brandy and James's brief but lovely stop on their way to Portland. That was a nice weekend, too. The rain held off and gave us a clear bright day, not too cold, to hang out on the beach. We got to make some writing plans and have some well needed catch-up time. The water is good- I cannot wait for it to warm up some more and for the days to get longer. More light. It's coming.


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I'm off to red sqaure this evening, although I don't know if I'll get a chance to go back during daylight to take snaps of St. Basils cathedral and such. So far, Moscow is one of my favourite northern European cities, surprisingly enough. Expensive as hell for tourists, but there is just something genuine and cool about the place, plus it definitely has a bit of 'wild west' feel to it. Not a lot of law enforcement happening here.

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BOOYAKASHA! The perks of meanding on the absurdity that is the 3rd Steet Promenade. And having a husband with keen enough eyesight to notice the shady little man holding a small sign that read, simply- "Borat-The Movie." Nothing gets past my Sam. For further evidence of this uncanny abilty, see my next post.

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