Wednesday, March 22, 2006

His Royal Badness

Sam found this:

"Prince, who has a new album, "3121," out on Tuesday, has been renting
the mansion in West Hollywood from NBA star Carlos Boozer, a Utah Jazz
forward, since October, and is planning to host a private concert
there for lucky buyers of the new album who find a purple ticket in
their CD case, à la Willy Wonka." (The Smoking Gun)

Say what? Someone is named "Boozer?" And Prince rented his crib to throw a party? How many cases of Prince CD's should we buy? I'm all about a purple ticket. I had a purple ticket once before, in Albuquerque, NM. I don't remember the circumstances under which I obtained said ticket, but it allowed me in2 "The Purple Circle"- the sort of orchestra pit, if U will, of the acoustically challenged Tingley Colliseum. For ABQ, that's still a big time thrill. Imagine my excitement!

So, I'm wearing my purple dress. It's the break after the opening act, and I decide it is very important 2 have a beer. I leave my seat to C Prince standing on the sound station mid-colliseum, dressed 2 the 9s in a camel tone suit, hat and matching shoes. He is making sure the sound guys have their shit 2gether. As much as they could in Albuquerque, anyway. I was 5 feet away from him, staring up at this wee man, this icon, and I just thought that was so cool. But what do U do at a moment like that? Yell, "Hey, Prince! U rule!"? No, not cool enough, So I stood dumbfounded for a moment, and went 2 get my beer.

I come back 2 my seat, and my seat mates tell me tht just after I walked away, Prince came down from the sound station, sashayed through the crowd, and then walked down our row 2 my chair, stood upon my chair, and danced.

Now, had I still been there, he wouldn't have stood on my seat, at least I don't think so. It is hard to be sure. But he probably would have danced on someone's chair nearby. And maybe I would have gotten 2 see that.

Oh, well. I think it means I am destined to receive this purple ticket, so I will buy my CD. Maybe a couple. Unless U all want to go in on a large quantity. Then, if we win, we can all sit in a room together like that insidious- sounding new gameshow and have to convince each other unanimously that we are the one who deserves the ticket most. And the winner would have 2 take a video camera 2 the show. As if His Mighty Purpleness would allow that!

But I digress. Back to the matter of the rented mansion. Read on:

"According to a report on the Smoking Gun website, Boozer filed a complaint against the rock star for allegedly performing an extreme makeover on the NBA star's West Hollywood home, which Prince is renting for $70,000 a month.
Boozer originally filed suit in January, alleging that Prince violated terms of his eight-month lease by making unauthorized home improvements, including "painting the exterior of the (house) with purple striping, 'Prince symbol,' and numbers 3121."

The significance of those digits? That would be the title of Prince's latest album, which was released Tuesday.

Other unwanted renovations included installing purple monogrammed carpet in the master bedroom and the excavation of a large hole for the presumed purpose of a private beauty salon.

Boozer has reportedly since dropped the lawsuit, but could refile the suit under the same claims if Prince makes any other changes to the home.

Of course, Prince may already have vacated the premises by then. The rental agreement include an addendum that states the lease may be canceled with 45 days notice "should the weather conditions of the Los Angeles rainy season ... prohibit enjoyment of the property."

I really want that ticket!

His Lavender Funkyness is not going 2 vacate before this event, unless there is a mudslide or something. And really, what the hell would U expect if you rented UR mansion to The Purple One? Of course he is going to install a beauty salon and throw up some purple paint and throw down some purple rugs. He has 2! He's Prince, for fuck's sake! He needs purple around him at all times!

And the whole 3121 thing? Click on the title of this post to see the numerological ramifications. And of course, the number contains 23, Hail Eris. And add the 2 ones- that's 7, baby. And that =s magical purple goodness.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Sam took me to the La Brea tarpits the weekend before last and it was such a cool time. Not at all how I had imagined, though. The city is all around it, and it is not a steamy jungle full of lush plants and exotic sounds like I'd always imagined. There are chain link fences around the pits, which is a good idea, I suppose, but I still wanted to see for myself what would happen if I stuck a foot in there. Someone had recently thrown a tennis shoe into one of the tarpits. Ah well, someone will dig it out eventually. Another layer of history.

We saw employees behind the glassed-in workstations picking through grains of sand with metal toothpicks, finding tiny shells, bone slivers, and other minute eye-ruining things. And awesomely bad movies about the rich men who donated the pits and the museum, and cartoon re-enactments of sabertooth cats attacking giant ground sloths- so cool. We geeked out over the place. Sam used to get to play there alot as a little kid. Lucky, I tell ya.

We got to talking about what future Earth inhabitants might think when they come upon the pits and see the stange museums around them. I wonder if they'll think that we had built an elaborate altar to the Tar Pit Gods and had a strange fascination with reassembling bones. And then maybe they will reassemble our bones. Hmm.

And, we saw two kick ass movies: The Libertine, with Johnny Depp. Best performance ever, if you ask me. See it- it's shamefully randy and mianthropic at the same time. And for those of you who are particularly twisted, go go go see the Borat movie as soon as it comes out. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius, and this is the funniest movie I have seen since- well, ever. We got to go to a screening, so alot of what we saw may only be in the uncut version someday, but it should still be absurdly amusing.

My husband is in Moscow this week and will hopefully take some cool pictures of Red Square for me. He just missed Brandy and James's brief but lovely stop on their way to Portland. That was a nice weekend, too. The rain held off and gave us a clear bright day, not too cold, to hang out on the beach. We got to make some writing plans and have some well needed catch-up time. The water is good- I cannot wait for it to warm up some more and for the days to get longer. More light. It's coming.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Psychic Cats

Yesterday was a bit of a trip. My work is by a production company, or maybe several, and one was casting for something that apparently required three things: blond bimbos, hot young Asian men, and a wide, wide variety of identical twins. So every 5 minutes or so, another member or members of this delightful parade walked by my window to the world. I saw hip young Asian men, bouncy boobs on blondes, slightly geeky young Asian men, young twins with afros, modeltastic young Asian men, ugly twins, more boobs, gay male twins in matching velvet blazers, boobs on stilts, and twins with their stage moms. To name a few.

None of this was as good as randomly seeing William H. Macy walking on the street like a normal person, and not the acting god that he is, during an errand in Beverly Hills that afternoon. And none of that was as good as riding two up on Sam's one person electric scooter, traveling somewhat sluggishly, but still more quickly and more amusingly than walking, to a party at his work last night. The party was actually for Tagworld, who are upstairs from him, and it was full of marketing people, so we couldn't stand if for long.

But that's when the most entertaining part of the day unexpectedly arrived. Walking home on the Promenade, we ran into the famed Santa Monica Psychic Cats. That's right. So I sit down with the cat handler, this sort of smelly foreign man, while my husband probably thinks I'm crazy, and I proceed to have a feline psychic reading.

What this entailed was first being shown several pieces of documentation proving that cats have psychic powers, such as a picture of a cat on a book about Egypt, a short story about a cat that did something I could not figure out because the laminated card cut off the end of the tale, no pun intended, I was told to disregard that, not important, not important. Cats are psychic, always have been. Especailly Siamese cats. It is well known. Yes? Yes. Then I looked briefly at a story about how one former president's favorite psychic claims that her cat is psychic, too! Good enough for me!

Meanwhile, the two psychic cats- Siamese, of course, rested underneath a kitty blanket, side by side, looking anything but pleased. The next step was selecting the subject I wanted to ask a question about from a laminated book the man provided. Then we turned to the appropriate page for me to pick one of a number of questions about the chosen subject. All of the questions were absolutely hilarious, but the one that caught my eye was, "What is going to happen to me?" I went with that one.

Then the man pulled a card and asked if I had children, which I don't, and don't really think I want, but he said, "It's children, yes, it's children. That is what. Very good, very happy, very good family. Lucky. Everything good." Ok, here's where the cats come in. The man says the cats will now choose my fortune. He uncovers them to reveal they are both wrapped in what look like strips of old sweaters. The effect is somewhat pathetic, and mummyish. He gives one cat a small piece of tuna while he makes little prompting noises at it, and then produces a very strange ceramic monkey that holds a bowl full of small scrolls. The cat, once given enough tuna, pushes the monkey's arm down, which grabs a scroll for me. The cat takes the csroll from the monkey, I take the scroll from the cat. Much ado is made of this, and the other cat seems non plussed.

The scroll reads as follows: "You should be rich, your time will come. Take advantage of it. Your social life will pick up considerably. Use all that could be instrumental towards your good fortune. Let's shake hands.- Psychic Cat, Los Angeles"

OK, then. At this point the original cat does the same thing with the tuna, but now grabs a little card that I also take from its paws, which is even better: "All outbursts will happen around you and give you valuable opportunities. Reward is just about due. Finances will improve within three weeks. You are at your glamorous best now. I kiss you....your psychic cat." and the other side has a picture of one of the cats, who is holding a scroll and wearing lots of jewelry. It also has the word "Wizard" on it, which I think is the name of the main cat.

I'm wondering what the point is of the 2nd cat, or if it is a psychic cat in training. But when it came time to pay the 2nd cat also ate some tuna in exchange for taking my payment out of my hand. So maybe only that first one is psychic and the 2nd one is the treasurer.

It was rad.