Monday, February 20, 2006

Warm Home

Supreme Niceness. On Thursday my dear old pal Gabe came to town, with his lady Mariah and we got to spend a couple of days together which was sweet, indeed. On Friday my dear hubby came back from Munich despite the fuck-up-ed-ness of his flight reservations and was not strip searched by Germans this time, which is a bonus. On Saturday we celebrated our birthdays and Aaron's birthday and a housewarming with lots of lovely friends and silly decorations. I made green chile pinwheels and Mary made bright red cupcakes so powerful that they infiltrated my dreams. Now our house is full of magical friend goodness and feels almost fully inaugurated. Gabe and Mariah and I rode the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier, which is possibly the best Ferris Wheel ever, as it extends over the Pacific. Thanks to all of you who could make it, and I wish all of you out of towners could have been here, too. When you gonna visit? On the cupcake front, Sam says red food dye is made of crushed up beetles. I guess I like me some crushed up beetles. I mean, really like them, in a serious way.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

The clouds have finally parted! Today I was offered a position that does not blatantly suck and I took it, oh yes, I did. I'll be the office manager for a small company that does interior design for cool boutique hotels like the W. And since former administrators have gone on to become design assistants for the company, I may get to learn a few things about that whole world, which pleases me. The money is decent and it is not too far away and customers do not even physically come into the office! And did I mention that Fridays are half-days? Plus I just clicked with the head designer/owner right off the bat. She's this glamorous jet setting badass type and I think I will learn alot from her.

Of course, last week I balked at quitting the gallery until I had another offer in hand, so I still have to give my notice tomorrow and try not to feel that ridiculous guilt I always seem to dredge up whenever I do something that -shudder- inconveniences someone. Oh well, it is for the best. She needs to hire someone who is just less... opinionated, I think.

And this does not mean I won't go to the three interviews I have set for Wednesday. Well, maybe not all three. But it never hurts to explore other possibilities. I am learning that, slowly but surely. But yes, I am content right now, at his moment, for the first time in awhile. Yesterday I went to the ocean and wrote, and asked the universe (as hippyish as that sounds, I still did it, so don't make fun) to just give me some kind of resolution today. And it did. Whew! Thank you, universe. Good job.