Thursday, December 22, 2005

Your holiday gift

Hey,click on the link above!

Sam sent me that, and it's the best thing I have seen online, all year long.

I have exactly 4 more days of work, and one more week in Santa Barbara. The news of my departure has been fully disseminated- I have nothing left to fear from fleeing employees, angry donors, frightened board members, or scheming reporters. They now all know, and will do with that information whatever it is they will do. My to-do list is shrinking, day by day, and the stress is finally breaking. Hurrah!

Last weekend, I went to see my hubby in Santa Monica, and we hung curtains, (ie I organized the hardware while Sam used the power tools) painted, and installed a washer and dryer. We also went to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Geffen, which was a giant turd. It was supposed to have John Goodman as Big Daddy, but he must have called in ashamed or something. The man replacing him was just fine, that was the least of the problems. Maggie and Brick were just terribly cast, horrifically boring, and I wanted to set the place on fire. It was nice to see an acquaintance of mine up there in a bit part, but nothing could keep Sam and I from leaving after the 2nd act.

So we went home, where our building was having a holiday party, and we joined in for the next three hours, which felt like 20 minutes or so. Our building manager is a nice old surfer/singer/songwriter guy and was an excellent host. Somehow he managed to get Sam to play guitar with him, which Sam had not really done in years. I knew my husband was a phenomenal keyboard man, and that he could play guitar and bass to some degree, but had no idea what a total musical genius he was. He can play along with anything and everyone was awed, especially me. A very wonderful evening- it is nice to have cool neighbors for once. The next day Sam and I walked along the beach and I just cannot wait to spend more time there.

Happy holidays, my friends. Looking forward to a new year...

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Transition Time

So what else is new? T'was a weekend of momentous events. Sam sold his old couch, the very first couch he ever bought for himself, today. It was a wonderful comfy thing, but the cats had had thier way with it and it was time to move on. It went away with a nice young redheaded business student boy to Isla Vista, where with any luck it will be burned in the streets a few years from now in one of this country's greatest collegiate Halloween rituals.

I drove all the way home from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara, a few hours ago. Those of you who know my fear of driving and freeways will appreciate that small feat. I did not die. It was actually kind of fun.

And I finally integrated my CD collection with Sam's. As I told my sister on the phone as I was sorting, I take that as a sign of the true permanence of our marriage. Now my weirdo music is rubbing shoulders with jazz and dreadful jam bands. And that is ok by me. It's really rather sweet.

Moving Day is December 29th. I still have people to inform of this, which makes my stomach turn alot. But the Editor has created a work mantra for me which I am trying desperately to embrace: "In a few weeks, it's not my problem anymore." Oh, the glorious nature of December 29th! I cannot wait. Sam and I will have New Years in a new place, and Santa Barbara can kiss my bountiful Anglo ass. Oh yes, it can.