Saturday, April 30, 2005

scarlet begonias and green chile

I just planted some of these. This is momentous, as I have never planted anything before. I think the begonias will be happy, let's hope that the chile can grow out here in California. Feeling a little homesick for New Mexico these days. I'll be there sooner than I know it, in June for my friends' wedding, which I will be performing the cermony for, then again in August for the opening of Brandy and I's play. We just finished the 2nd draft, which will be the working script for the production. Already, Sam's folks and some relatives will join us out there, and we are going to take the Editor with us, so a good time shall be had by all, I think.

A season of growing, and pains. Work has been challenging. It is difficult to produce art that is not one's own sometimes. I am writing when I can, working on a ghostly sort of coming of age story, about the First street house in Albuquerque. I have about 30 pages now, and it it's good work, when I can manage it. The play about Dorothy Parker is not yet begun, but I am itching to get started soon. No word on the New York possibility, but for now it seems far away.

Don't worry, I planted the chile in tranportable planters, just in case. This is advice from Sheila, who was out here last weekend. We had a pretty fab time at the local Earth Day festival, treating ourselves to some girl time, and out in the wine country with Sam. Sam and I are going to start riding a tandem bicycle in the mountains around here, and I finally ventured into my gym, a mere two months after joining.

All of these things are neccessary, and good. I think I finally realized that my sanity depends upon taking care of myself, and making things that I love start to grow again. Life is too short to let the days go by working only for others, and not for myself and for those I care for the most.

I can feel Mercury coming out of retrograde, finally. I think all things started now have a stronger chance to come to fruition without constant backwards attention and reworking. It is high time to push on through.

Friday, April 15, 2005

walking nightmare

When I lived in the Burque, near the main post office, I would occassionally end up caught in the April 15th tax line traffic and think of what suckers those people were. I mean, how could you wait until the last possibe minute to file your taxes?Just the thought of it drove me to the edge of panic.

This year, Sam did our taxes, about a month ago. I handed him my W-2's, and he went to town, dealing with all of the anomolous things that happened in a year when we got married, moved, and all other fun sorts of tax stuff went on.

So, today, we were due to get a visitor, and I decided to clean up a pile of my play submission stuff. You know, tidy up.

Well, shock and awe were mine when I found a W-2 of mine in that godammned pile. Yes, you heard me. I found a mother humping W-2- just sitting there as big as you please. Which one, do you ask? With great embarrassment, I must confess it was the one from MY CURRENT MOTHERHUMPING JOB.

Yes. So, my poor sweetie and I called my ex CPA sister in a panic, wondering what we could do to amend this. "Send in an amended form. Just use the Tax Cut software you used." Well, the goatsucking software wouldn't let us do that, and the version we had sent in was inaccessible. So, in the midst of having to pick up our guest at the airport and prepare for his stay, Sam had to somehow reconstruct the numbers and do the whole messy thing over again. He somehow managed to get it done by about 9:30, but the program wouldn't compute what we now owed, so we couldn't submit it electronically. So then I went into my office and printed the damn things and compiled all of the shit and ended up in the line of losers at the post office at 11 or so.

Yes, the local news was there, and I'm sure I'm on it, desperately affixing stamps and singing the praises of the fat middle-aged women who were attending the mailboxes. I could have kissed them.

Mostly, I'm going to kiss my husband. He gets whatever he wants for a long, long time.


Sam does remind me that it could have been worse- I could have found it tomorrow, right?


Monday, April 11, 2005

Look ma, I got a new 'puter!

That's computer, to you non Appalachians...My old 'puter was malfunctory. I seem to have this problem with power cords. Anyway, I was having to hold in the power cord with one hand while typing with the other (yes, I know, you're playing the world's smallest violin between your index finger and your thumb, yes, yes, but!) and then the damn thing made some sparks and the cord kind of melted and I just couldn't use it no' mo.

So my hubbysand done got me a iBOOK, yo. A pretty, pristine, 14" white powerbook that I can typity type away on to my heart's content. It's light as a cracker, and I love it alot. So maybe I'll be inspired to blog more. It makes such pleasing little clackity key nosies, after all. Soon I will have an IM thingamabob going so I can talk to my hub, and maybe to you, if you have it too?

Lemme know if you do!

Lovely virgin white laptop, whatever shall I name you?

Perhaps it will be a soothing name, like "Gail". Yes, something like that...

Monday, April 04, 2005

movie magic

That's what this weekend was. After my fairly recent hilariously bad experience with low budget filming, I was prepared for just about anything when I went to LA to play a small part in a movie that my friends Mary and Aaron have concocted, along with a some writing finesse from Mike M. Now, I knew it was going to be pretty organized, and deliciously odd-ball and fun, but little did I know just how healing and inspiring it would be for me to take part.

It's been a long time since I have worked on a project with friends, and people who are all of a like mind. All I can say is that everyone there wanted to be there, everyone there was talented as hell, and people were willing to work thier asses off towards a common goal. Multi-talented and professional young people just kicking some major ass, and having a damn fine time doing it.

I would be most content if I could make art with these folks and the rest of my fine friends for the rest of my days. Come on, colony!

I think this crazy movie is going to turn out really well, and it felt good to act again for a minute. I didn't realize how much I missed that outlet, and I am thankful they thought of me. It was also tremendously uplifting to be away from the demands of my job for a weekend, and to help out with something I felt I could make a bit of a difference in.

Just as I was thinking how fine it would be to move further south to pursue more film
opportunities, Sam was in a meeting up north with Columbia math big-wigs, being presented with a possible offer to pursue an advanced degree there, subsidized by his current company, who are opening up a NY office where he would also work. Could this mean Brooklyn in the fall? Tifanie goes back to school for writing, maybe? I dunno if it is going to happen, but I'll keep you all posted.

In the meantime, I'll be slaving at the theatre, but now I have a few other things to daydream about... It's going to be an interesting next few months, fo' sho'.