Wednesday, July 28, 2004

eloquent husband of mine

Just now, Sam and I were talking about yet another friend of mine who is incredibly talented but has to work two non-artistic jobs just to get by. Sam said,

"You know, when we look back historically at the lives of mud-hut peasants and the like, we wonder how they could live like that. When people look back at this age, what they will be disgusted and perplexed by is the 8 hour workday. They'll have to wonder how in a world so 'advanced' people have to spend so much time not only working, but doing things they don't want to do. Because, personally, I just want to lay around."

Does that sum it up, or what? With that he was off for his 45 minute commute to his demanding computer engineering work. And now I must run a brush through my hair for my commute to my own "money" generating time and brain waste of a "job."

Keep those hat suggestions coming, people, keep em coming...

Monday, July 26, 2004

choose my own adventure

Decision time.

Ok, so there are alot of things I like to do, none of which may be particulary lucrative without strokes of incredible luck, overwhelming talent, and/or a tremendous amount of work. I'm 30 and no, I still don't know what I want to do with my life. But I think I am figuring out what I don't want to do.

I've been trying to honor all of my impetuses and have had a pretty good time over the last ten years or so, wearing many different hats. The drawback is that I have not found a way to support myself in any of the areas I have been dabbling in. I recognize that it is time for specificity. Also, retail is ruining my legs and my disposition.

This is not to say that I will ever completely give up the various and sundry things I love, but if I don't channel my remaining energy, I think it may soon dissipate.

So far I have the following options for my bold new move:

creative writing
hand bag designing
real estate agent

Kidding about the real estate agent. No, kidding about the dominatrix, but did I have you for a second?

My plan is to put these options into a hat and draw one out. If any of you peeps have suggestions for the hat, please let me know. Not meaning that I want you to suggest what hat to use, meaning that I want suggestions to put in the hat.

Unless, of course, you actually have an idea about the hat, which I'm still undecided on.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

the lesser of two nimrods My friend Aimee sent me this.
Amusing or frightening? You decide.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

stupid weather

It's official. I hate "summer" in San  Francisco. My insides are inside out. I wish I were someplace sunny and kind of sulty right now.  The wind is howling, there are small stinging particles in the air, and fog billows everywhere. The novelty of fog has long worn thin.

Still, the city has its treasures. Today I woke up with apples on the brain- Hail Eris. I had dreamed of apples, and a friend happened to take me into a fabulous little store on Lower Haight where her sales girl friend allowed me to purchase the MOST EXCITING PILLOW in the universe, for a ridiculously low price.

It is a big, red, stuffed, velvet apple pillow. With green satin leaves. It is the most ridiculous and perfect pillow anywhere.  After the purchase of this apple pillow, everywhere we went we found many apple synchronicities, and even people named "Apple."

I think my chosen goddess is trying to tell me something,
but I don't know what it is.
Maybe she's just saying hello.

Monday, July 19, 2004

have you seen this uber child?

Ok, my friend Joe mentioned this to me when was over at he and Sheila's for a get together before her foray to Brazil, the lucky son of a bun.  Anyway, I can't stop thinking about it. Just think about the possibilities. And I'm not talking about the research stuff, which is great and all, I'm talking about the X-Men factor, the pure circus-freak aspect. Now, you might say this is a hoax. Fine- doesn't matter.
I'll tell you what's not a hoax- super strong babies are kind of creepy. Not as creepy, however, as babies with fangs. Ever since I was of childbearing age, I have had this recurring nightmare, or slight variations upon this theme:
I'm in a quiet suburban home,  and have been somehow relegated to the task of babysitting, which if you know me, is preposterous. In the dream, I suddenly realize that the baby is not in its crib, and what's more, the baby is EVIL. I begin to move very very slowly towards the front door of the living room, but I know I'm doomed. That baby is hiding somewhere, under the furniture. It's playing a game with me, and it is going to get me. Just as I reach the door, having crossed oceans of shag carpeting, sweating all the way, the baby attacks, flying out from beneath the LAZ-Y-BOY rocker, all bloody fangs and little chubby limbs, tearing away at my face.
So add that scenario and the idea of a baby that is super strong, and I've got nightmare fodder for decades. I should also mention that these nightmares began long before I learned of this movie:, which happened to be released the year I was born. Coincidence? Or maybe I should ask my mother if she happened to see that while I was in the womb. It would explain so much....

Friday, July 16, 2004

don't get too close to my fantasy

What, pray tell, is MCQ-T?
It's the code that was printed on a corner of my paystub circa 1998, at a short-lived job selling party supplies and invitations. Composed of the first three letters of my last name, and the first letter of my first name, it's the dash that makes it taste so good.
It's also my secret rap star name.
MCQ-T doesn't take no flack, mister, she knows what time it is. She can rock the mic, but you don't have to always know about it. She can keep it on the down low.
Did I mention she's lethally cute?
Sometimes MCQ-T likes to break it down like this:
Ok, actually that's about as far as I get in my rap star fantasy before it converts to bass-playing fantasy, then a million lighters moving in the darkness at the end of my last concert before retiring to my quiet 2nd career as a brilliant novelist. Not to be confused with the famous actress/playwright/director fantasies I still indulge in, of the recent fantasy of becoming a sommelier and moving to Provence.

I think I could populate a universe with my half baked fantasies, rambling thoughts, and random alter egos. But would I really want to visit there? Would anybody? What would happen if all of my fantasy selves got to meet all of your fantasy selves?

Would they get it on?

But seriously folks, I spend alot of time in daydreams. Perhaps an inordinate amount. Can a have a show of hands of people who believe they spend at least 20% of their time staring into space and imagining impossibly wonderful things?

Is that so wrong?





Tuesday, July 13, 2004

is this thing on?

testing...testing? I'm a suspicious little Pisces who doesn't trust the ether she is putting these words out through. Will this thing work, and why? Up until a few years ago I swore I'd never even own a computer. That was when I lived in Albuquerque, where I was Born. For those of you who don't know, that is in New Mexico- land of honey drenched sopapillas, green chile, and refried dreams. Now I live in "sunny" San Francisco, and have a cell phone, an MP3 player and 2 computers. And most importantly, a husband who is the most amazing being I've ever known...

So what ever happened to the 17 year old black-wearing bookworm who scribbled her angst-ridden poetry on Village Inn napkins till the wee hours of the morning, sucking down coffees with 5 sugars, who told herself she'd never find love and never wanted to anyway?

Well, my pets, she got happy in spite of herself.

She got lucky.

Someday I'll tell the whole story, but for now I will do the bit where I try to define or explain myself in some way in which I might come off as interesting, or a person you want to know. I will probably fail. So, here instead is a list of 5 things I did today that are indicative of my personality, or demonstrative of my current lifestyle. Just so you know who you are dealing with here.

1) Woke up at 8:30 and reset the alarm for 8:45. Then for 8:50. Then for 8:55. (This shows that blogger does not believe in the snooze button- too risky. She actually resets the alarm for 5-15 minute intervals, and does this virtually every morning. The reasoning is that she can not get out of bed upon the first alarm, and considers any subsequent time to be time she has somehow "stolen" and that she is getting away with something.)

2) Read some Henry Miller on the bus and felt slightly superior to everyone around me. (Blogger unaware that her fly was down until later that morning.)

3) Went hoarse trining a new employee on the finer points of the exciting world of retail jewelry sales. (Blogger manages a jewelry gallery, where customers constantly comment that she has the perfect name for her job. Get it- "Tifanie?" She does not find this as amusing as they seem to, and usually replies, "Yes, I guess this is my destiny." And then she and the customer both laugh, ha ha ha ha ha. She wonders if they get her sarcasm, or are mocking her to begin with anyway.)

4) Had my friend Gabe over to try on a silver dress, matching jacket, and afro wig. (This is rather atypical. Blogger made this outfit at her friend's request for an upcoming musical performance. She likes to make stuff. You'll see.)

5) Made green chile chicken burrito and only ate one. My husband Sam, only ate one, too. We both wanted a 2nd one, but are watching our weight. (Blogger and her husband have a hard time resisting food, so this is a rather momentous day, indeed.)

That was my Tuesday, how 'bout you?